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rgb to tempreature conversion

hi dears

i have G120EXD thermal cam.... i dont have its software for processing the images. i want to use labview. i have problem in converting rgb values to temperature. know i write a program which extract three color planes. i dont know how to make a relationship between these color intensities and temperature. because my camera is not flir, i cant use thermovision toolkit in labview.

thanks everyone

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If you had a reference temperature for a certain color and knew how color scaled with temperature then you might be able to do the calculations in LabVIEW. It looks like that camera might provide temperature values through it's onboard display. You could use this to get a reference temperature. As for understanding the scaling, I recommend reaching out to the manufacturer.


Overall, there's likely no native solution in LabVIEW to relate color to temperature. You'll need to learn how the camera is mapping these and then calculate manually from there.


Additionally, how are you planning to acquire the images in LabVIEW? From what I see about this camera online, it looks like a handheld package without any bus to steam the images back to a computer. It seems like there is a USB 2.0 port for file transfer. However, this would only allow for transferring the images to the PC for post processing well after the acquisition. There wouldn't be any capabilities for continuously acquiring and processing the images in LabVIEW.

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thanks alot for your answer

now i get its red plane and convert it to temperature (i know the minimum and maximunm of temp)....

really  there is a linear relation betwen temp and gray scale level question is taht red plane is not sufficient lonely!!! how can use the green and blue plane?....they have influence on temp that i dont know how consider it....

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Hi shideh,


what about converting RGB data to gray scale?

(There are several different algorithms available…)

Best regards,

using LV2020 on Win8.1+cRIO
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