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I developed a software using lv8. Now I have to run this on a machine with lv7.1.
Can I impose to lv8 any retrocompatibility for that file?

Many thanks! Smiley Happy
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Use File/Save for Previous Version to save it so it is saved at 7.1.

Of course if you have used features that are unique to 8.0, then 7.1 won't be able to execute it.

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thanks a lot! I found it... Smiley Happy     
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I have the same problem but I can't choose 7.1 version : I only have 8 or 8.2 and there are no specifics stuff of the 8 version in my VI... Is there any way to do it? (I use a student version)
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You can only save for one version previous to the one you're using. So if you have 8.2, you can only save for 8.0. You would need a copy of 8.0 in order to save it for 7.1.
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Ok thx for the answer even if I have to do my prog on 7.1 version now Smiley Happy
I think that something NI could improve : if a 8.2 can save as 8.0 and 8.0 as 7.1 why can't we do 8.2 to 7.1 directly(even Microsoft managed to do it Smiley Happy)... I don't think that it would be that hard...
Well I hope it will be in the next upgrade

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