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retrieve data from Mysql database

Dear all,

        I am logging data every second in MySQL database with date and time. Where first column is date and time and rest are 8 channel data value. Now some time i want to retrieve data in xls file from MySQL between starting date and time to ending date and time.

How this can be achieved.



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This is not a LabVIEW question, is it?


If you open up Excel, you can import data.  This can be done from a text file, but also from database.  Easy, no need for LabVIEW, unless you didn't mean it this way...

Kind regards,

- Bjorn -

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Actually, i have not put my query correctly. I am logging data in MySQL in labview, where every second i am putting data in database and this is continuous running system. Now from same GUI windows i want to retrieve data  from MySQL database. I have to use DB functions where i have to put SQL query to extract data of database between 2 time span.



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