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reproduction of songs in labview

hello I'm from mexico at school left me a project where I need to add songs and play them on labview I could help. thanks
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We need more information.  Do you want to play wav files or mp3 files?  Do you want to use the PC speaker to reproduce the notes in a song?  What type of input do you need to have (a sound file, a list of notes, or what)?  What type of device is going to produce the sound (PC speaker, an analog board connected to a speaker, ...)?


- tbob

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Hi gerardoivan!!


Thanks for using National Instruments Discussion Forums!!  Here is an examplo from NI Community that uses ActiveX controls in LabVIEW to play files in Windows Media Player.  Maybe this can get you started!!


Play Files in Windows Media Player using ActiveX in LabVIEW



However, as tbob says, it would really help if you could be more specific on the requirements of your assignment.




Anuar R.
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There's also this community example code of a Music Player (with basic functions).

Feel free to download it.

Example Code: Music Player

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I need to play mp3 files and play it on this computer do the same as windows media player

necesito reproducir archivos  mp3 y esta reproducirla en la misma computadora hacer como windows media player

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this is what I wanted but they do not serve the next and back buttons to change songs

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