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replace 10*2 in array

I am trying to log data comming from the DAQ board. An issue here is that I must calculate an 'running average' while acquiring 100kS/sec from the DAQ (reading two analog channels each at 500kS/sec).
There is no problem in doing anything as long as I read one sample a time from both channels.
In order to speed up the process a bit, I want to read lets say 10 samples at a time. The problem is that I then get a 10*2 array out of the ''. In order to calculate the running average I need to replace a part (10*2) in the original array holding 50000*2 samples by the new 10*2 array.
Actual problem: when a 1*2 array (2D array) must be fit into 'replace array subset', there is no problem, but I do not find how to replace a 10*2 (2D array).
anyone has a suggestion? Thank you.
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Maybe I don't understand your problem, but I had no problem using "replace array subset" to replace a 10*2 subset in a 50000*2 array. I've attached the vi that I used to test this.

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