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Hi, I have a dedicated DAQ PC using 8 NI boards in a very intensive way; the code is written in LV/LVFPGA, without any Python call. I noticed 8 python.exe workers always running, presumably started by SALT, which I suppose cannot be disabled from services control without impacting on other LV functions. This system is not meant for development and I don't need Python here. The 8 processes use a significant amount of memory. My question is:

Can I safely uninstall NI Python Interface and will this stop loading all the useless workers? If not, is there any other solution (except for killing them from TM)?


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Accepted by topic author miliescu
06-14-2019 02:06 PM

If you want to remove the Python processes you will need to use the NI Package Manager and uninstall the SystemLink Client and SystemLink Server, but this may uninstall things that depend on it.  Uninstalling the NI Python Interface won't have stop these services.


Another option would be to open the Windows Service Manager and disable the "NI Salt-Minion" and "NI SystemLink Service Manager" services.

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This is what I supposed, so components not always linked by necessity were glued together by the distribution... Too bad SystemLink installation is not flexible, this makes systems heavier. As I don't need a widely distributed monitoring, but a mere data sharing between three PCs, I'll evaluate uninstalling SystemLink (after checking the dependecies).

Thanks a lot for your precise and fast answer.

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Why not just setup a dedicated SL Server and just install the SL Client on everything else, which should only result in a single python process?


Technically, you can also not install the SL Server and just install the Tag Service, but you will have to manage the credentials for each client on your own.

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