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remove space

does anybody know how to remove whitespace in the middle of the string?
for example:
1A 3F 2C
I would like to convert this nonwhitespace stringhex into a binary
so at the end I would get something like:
thank you
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Have you tried the Search and Replace String function?  Your search string would be a space, and your replace string would be an empty string, and you would set the "replace all" option to True. 


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The Search and Replace String function works well, but I want to know how to reformat the string.

From this:    B1 E0 14 A7

To this:  B1E0 14A7

Basically remove the 3 spaces and group into 4 character hex sets with space in between.

Any Thoughts?
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Here's one way. I'm sure there are many others.

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I am a bit confused why you are so worried about the hex format, if all you want at the end is a binary formatted string.

You could just scan whetver the current format is, then reformat it as binary. If you want an indicator containing the space every 4 hex characters, just convert it to a binary string and set the string display to hex format. Smiley Wink


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I thought of accomplishing the task using the bit by bit method, and masking off the portions I need to work with.  Instead I used the above formatting ideas from Dennis, to accomplish exactly what I wanted to do...

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