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remote panel automation, how to get a reference to the front panel?


We have successfully established a remote controllable vi panel from a separate computer, and are able to operate the front panel as if it were running on the local computer.  We want to be able to programmatically manipulate the controls on this remote front panel that is open on the local computer.  I think this would require us to get the remote panel reference, then the control references, then we could change their value by writing to the control property.  But our problem is we cannot find what property or method exists to enable us to get a reference to this remote front panel on the local computer.  There doesn't seem to be an obvious item in any of the "connectivity" related items.  Does anyone know how this would be accomplished?



David Jenkinson

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Hi David,

can you show how you make the connetion to separate computer? I think you should already have the refnum to the vi.



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We are basically using the examples.  If you go to NI example finder, do a search on "remote", we are experimenting with "" and "".  The example is set to launch "examples\measure\maxmpl.llb\Power Spectrum".  We can launch the front panel fine on the client computer, gain control, and manipulate the controls.  In this example, how would we get the reference for say the "frequency" knob, if we wanted to automate the setting of this from the remote computer?  In a local vi, it is as simple as right-clicking and doing create/reference.  I am just having trouble finding the correct method and/or properties for finding a reference to the controls on a remote front panel.


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Hi david_jen...,

if you have the refnum to the remote vi, then you can get the control refnums with a property node. "FP -> Controls".


Hope it helps.


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Hi Mike,

Ya that is exactly the strategy, get the reference to the remote vi, then from that we can get to the controls.  The difficulty is finding where to get the reference to the remote vi.  We'll probably give support a call soon.



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I do not believe that there is anyway to open a reference to a remote front panel directly.  Instead, what you want to do is open an application reference to the machine on your network.  You can then open a VI reference to the VI running on the network computer.  This reference has nothing to do with the fact that the VI is a remote front panel, but you should be able to manipulate it just the same.  I hope this helps!

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That may be the hint we were looking for.  We'll give it a shot when we get a chance and report back.




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