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remote desktop windows 7 (rdp 5.2) Ethernet connection problem to remote machine using 8234 card, works fine when monitor is connected



I have a pxi 8106 and a 8234 card. i have an exe that runs on the pxi sends commands through 8234 port A to control a machine, gets data over that port. it is working fine when the program is run by connecting a monitor keyboard and mouse to pxi directly, when i use the windows 7 remote desktop conection using a laptop i am able to connect to the pxi and run the labview exe, but the it errors out at getting the ethernet connection to the machine that is . connected via port A on 8234. this exact setup worked flawlessly in win xp. i am unable to figure out if this is win 7 problem or the rdp/ ethernet. any tips to diagnose?


laptop : win 7 64 bit,

pxi :  win 7 32 bit

rdp : latest and also tried with 5.2


any help is appreciated,


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never mind..

it is some internal license file of the machine software that was blocking it.


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