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remote controlling a DC power supply



I am trying to control a BK Precision Single Output DC Power Supply with LabVIEW.  I have started with the Basic Serial Read and Write platform and have added a 26 byte array and surrounded the entire code with a while loop.  The goal of the project is to 1st-turn the remote control mode on, 2nd-Set the output state on, and then 3rd-control the voltage with a knob on the front panel.  The problem I am encountering is that regardless of the command and information content I am putting into the array the output I am getting is only turning the remote control mode on, which is the initial command.  For the input arrays, I have made a subVI with the first 5 bytes being variable from the front panel and the rest set as zeros.  I am still learning LabVIEW and am not really familiar with the various structures, so I am not sure if the while loop is correct.  I am not sure if this makes sense, but I will explain further if needed.




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Hi Remotecntrl,

did you try to control your device over hyperterminal? If you can do it, then try to build your commands in LabVIEW. To see what you make in your code, it would be great if you upload your vi or a picture of it.



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Is the power supply one of the ones listed here? If so, you can just use the available drivers.
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how to use Hyperterminal in Vista?

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I don't know if HyperTerminal was included with Vista.


There are other terminal emulator software available.  Basically, you configure the serial port to the settings required by the target and you send commands over the command line interface (screen).  The program will send and receive data between the PC and the target.  You need to have the appropriate serial cable to interface to the target.




I noticed that you often reply to threads that are old.  In this case 2 years old.  Why do you not start you own thread?  Especially since your question on hyperterminal has absolutely nothing to do with remote controlling of DC power supplies.    Doing so is called "Hijacking a thread".



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