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relationship between power generated and load

Hello, my aim is to design a VI whereby i could demonstrate the effect of varying the load and its effect on the power generated and vice versa. The best i could do so far is to merge them into one chart. My issue is that i dont know how to bring in the conditions necessary for each plot and the effect it will have on the other.  p.s: in the first case, i will keep power generated constant and will vary the load and in the second case, the power generated will vary and load will be kept constant (Surges or spikes occurance). I would be really grateful if someone could provide me with some guidances or help.

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Are you wanting to simulate this or are you going to be using actual instruments and doing it? 

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Its a simulation. This is the best i could do. Im trying with varying only Pload. When Pload> PCoal, Pload will drop to zero. Any idea what i could use to meet these conditions?

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I would make an array of Pload and feed that into a FOR loop.  Do whatever math you need inside of the loop and autoindex the values out.  Then you can build up an XY Graph to show the relationship.

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Okay, im gonna try that and will let you know. Thank you 

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