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what should i do to include resisitors and inductors in my application platform.........?

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LabVIEW is a programming platform, not a simulator tool for electronic designs. To simulate circuits, you should check out PSPICE 

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You can use NI Multisim (PSpice based simulation)

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in this electronic components are part of my application and i need to interface the resulting output into the real hardware.NI multisim is in another platform right? so what should i do?


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I don't know exactly what you are asking.


But yes, Multisim is another platform.  Perhaps you should post your questions in the board that is dedicated to it.  Circuit Design Suite (Multisim, Ultiboard)

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LabView does not offer electronic components in order to simulate, however, it does have LabVIEW Multisim Connectivity Toolkit that links LabView and Multisim. It is only beta version, and yes, you need both LabView and Multisim.


If you still insist to use LabView, then you must develop your own mathematic models to simulate the behavior of the circuit. 

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 many thanks..........!!


yeah....nw i understood.....! i should go with the modelling then.......!


but why the experts still not  including the elements (resistors,inductors,diodes..etc) in labview platform.......?

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but why the experts still not  including the elements (resistors,inductors,diodes..etc) in labview platform.......?

Why should they? As noted, LabVIEW is a programming language, not a circuit simulator. You could ask your question another way: Why doesn't Microsoft include resistors, inductors, diodes, etc. in Visual C++? Or, why doesn't Oracle include them in Java? Answer: because they are programming languages, not circuit simulators.

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