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redpitaya-Synchronised one pulse signal generation and acquisition

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Hi, I'm new working with redpitaya and labview.


I' ve been trying to get the example " Synchronised one pulse signal generation and acquisition" with labview worked. But I have some problems.

Fisly, when I downloaded it, some of the varibles where the wrong type, so connection couldn't be done ( 1-picture). So I use a converter block ( from string to number) in order to solve this problem, as it wan't working I changed directly two of the inputs from string to number and I kept the conversion of the rest of variables string (2-picture).

I wasn't getting any error, but the example wasn't working properly. When I play run, it only resgisted noise, but not the signal It was been created (3- picture). I changed the paramethers ( chanel I was using, amplitude, frecuency, the form of the signal itself)
To check that the wire and the RF input and output was OK I tried to modify the signal, putting it on my hand, and the noise signal change, but It was still noise (4-picture). I have tried every input and output, but I got always the same signal: noise.
To conclude: I can't make this example works.


Futhermore, I have a question about this example, labview and Redpitaya libraries: How can I change from input 1 to input 2 and from output 1 to output 2, because I only see the option chanel 1 and chanel 2, but it doesn't say which combination of input and output is. and I can't find the block to change inputs and outputs

If someone got the same problem,  how did you solve it?

Thanks in advance!!


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The inputs you "fixed" aren't numbers, it looks like they are channel names. The representation changed some time ago but this is an old example.


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