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red color detection using a web cam

i have by hit and trial made code plz any1 chk it thats what the mistake in it.when i run it ma system stops responding =(
i have done the following things:
1)the camera is continuously looking at all the sequence of images.
2)i have coupled an imaq color learn vi with an input image of a red color made in paint and saved as JPEG image.
3)The color spectrum obtained of this red color pic is then compared with the image from the webcam in the imaq color match vi
4)if its output is true then that image is obtained on the screen.

but its not me out plz.


i am ataching ma vi using lab view(8.2)

i need serious help.

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Your VI will hang up surely.

1. You have wired the 'image out' from first loop as input to second loop.  Your second loop will get data only when the first loop stop executing.  The first loop will never stop because you have wired a 'True constant' with 'Continue if TRUE' condition for while loop.


I have modified it to avoid dependancy.  Change the code as per your needs.

Post back for queries.

With regards,
(Certified LabVIEW Developer)
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duplicate issue
Alex Person
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National Instruments
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yup i checked those examples.thanks your advice was a big help tto me.i have modified the code but a strange error is coming.


an exception occured within the external code called by a library function node.this might have corrupted labview's any work to a new location and restart labview:
"name ".vi was stopped at node " " at a call to "IMAQ USB"


i restarted lab view but again the same error.actually i am trying to compare the colors of an imge taken by a web cam and an image loaded from memry.i am attaching the vi.plz do chk and rep soon.=(

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Hi armank,


Please post each issue in one thread only.   The duplication of issues makes things harder to follow for both those who are trying to help and those who are trying to learn from your issue.  Please see my response here.

Stephen Meserve
National Instruments
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can anyone check whts the mistake to get red detection with my circuit...ASAP please...

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duplicate issue

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