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reconstruction of image with parts

I have a doubt. I Have very pothos capture using the IMAQ driver.....the pothos are  caprure and save in a folder into PC, however I need  join all pothos captured in a single potho . I think use  a Matrix for  store pothos In each position. For illustrate best the problem see figure:


P1 P2 P3 P4 P5

P6 P7 P8 P9 P1O



where Pn is potho captured... and all array(p1,p2,p3....p15) is the image reconstructed.

I would like know if there a form for get this....My solution is a matrix and build all image, but i don't know how store in matrix  because this image are save un file of PC.... Thanks... for suggestions...

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What does "pothos" mean?


You may want to find the forum that matches the language you speak and post your question in that forum.  Unfortunately, your translation to English is not very good.

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apparently he wants to stitch together several image photos into one big image



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So "pothos" means "photos".  That makes sense.  I didn't know I'd have to solve some anagrams today.

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He must really think 'pothos' is 'photos' because he repeats that several times.




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Yes ... Sorry.

I just need build a Big  Photo with very photos ....Pn are photos for build the big photo... I need Know How can I Build the big photo, I think use Array o matrix. 

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Yes.  Once you get your image data into LabVIEW as an array, then there are several array functions you can use to put them together such as Build Array.  If you know what the final size of your array is, then you can initialize an array of that size, then use Replace Array Subset to replace sections of your master array with your new array.  You'll just have to pay attention to the indices where you place the array subsets.


If you do things in a loop, you'll need a shift register to maintain your master array between loop iterations.

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I think conenct the input of photos to shift register and use insert into array. But If  I have, for example 20 photos  for  row, and  are 5 row.. ¿How can I for store the photos?... Insert into array only store photos for index 1,2,3,4,5.. But.. ¿How can I make for position 2.1 ;2.2, 2.3--- etc?.... I understand the dynamic for first row. But the next. How? 

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Don't use insert into Array.  Initialize a large array with enough rows and columns for all pictures.


Then use Replace Array Subset.  It has a row and column input.  Let's say you have 6 picture 3 across by 2 down that are each 100 pixels by 100 pixels.


Initialize a 2-D array with 300 columns and 200 rows.


For the first row of pictures, you'll replace array subset at row 0,col 0,  then row 0, col 100,  then row 0 col200.

For the second row of pictures, you'll replace at row 100, col 0, then row 100, col100 then row 100, col 200.

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And for something completely different....


In post # 92 in this this thread I posted some code that does a lot of stuff but includes code that assembles a bunch of images into a single picture. LV has functions to save the final image.


havef fun,



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