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receiving sms using labview

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Hello Sir,thanks for replying...


The problem is, in the read buffer content is displaying as "AT+CMGR=1" which is we are writing AT command into the port for reading the SMS. please kindly go that image, you will surely get what I am getting the error.  

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Typically, when you get the command echoed back, it means that the device did not recognize what it received. You need to double check what is in the manual.
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Based on the "GSM modem" which is on my website, I wrote a short program just for receiving SMS messages. You should only customize subVI for initialization of the serial port  to characteristics of your GSM modem (speed transmission, handshanking, terminal character) and the program should work with your modem. If you have a GSM modem with RS232 port, then be sure to turn on RTS / CTS synchronization. If you have GSM modem with USB port then for RTS/CTS choose None.


Its assumed that you have copied all GSM subVIs from my site in one folder.

I hope you will find this program helpful.


bets regrads


Trajan Stalevski

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In the previous post I forgot to mention that you must first choose serial port and after that start the program.

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Sorry, I've made an error. After while loop instead of ECHO OFF subVI you should call ECHO ON subVi. The program will work well with this unintentional error but is more correct to set echo on at the end of the program.


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thanks for replying...Should I need to download GSM toolkit for run this VI? I already tried your VI from your website. but, I am getting the same error. Could you explain me what is error in my VI?

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You should to download all GSm subVIs from my site (Link to GSM subVIs) to run test program that I post on this forum. Test program and all GSM subVIs copy in one folder. Run the program in debug mode and execute it step by step. Put probes on wires to read information from subVis. This test program works fine with my GSM modem and should work well with your GSM modem too.

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Hello everyone...

thanks for your replying to all my queries...Finally I can read and send the msg from the labVIEW. tried.... tried.... tried... finally, I got it...

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Move the Serial configure out of the loop so that it runs before the while loop.  Move the VISA close out and after the loop.  No need to close and reconfigure the serial port on every loop iteration.

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Hello sir can u help about your VI, I am trying to receive the sms but i am getting some error .., take a look on the attached vi.


i dont know what to do..



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