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receiving data from modbus rtu in two step

hi every one

i want to recieve data with modbus rtu (from arduino) in two step as figure  i recieve data step one but in step 2 i get time out error what can i do ....modbus.jpg

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Can you attach an actual VI rather than a poor photograph of a monitor?


Where is the error occurring?  What is "step 1" and "step 2"?


What does the error message say?  Does it have a number?


Why are you using Value property nodes?  It looks like the one for the array called "Holding Registers" is for data that is written in the preview from of that sequence structure.  If so, why wouldn't you use the wire?


Why are you using Insert Into Array to insert an element at the beginning of an array rather than using Build Array?


Why are you using VISA Close in the first frame of the one flat sequence structure?

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