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real time add to excel spreadsheet

I am using real time waveform chart for displaying results along with excel spreadsheet to write into file...I am able to write the values of y-axis of chart into spreadsheet..but don't know how to link up that value with x-axis in spreadsheet...I mean how can enter both x-axis and y-axis values of real time chart so that one column having value of x-axis (real time in this case) and other column having one can link the values......also how to add heading to first column of excel sheet??
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Do you have report generation tool kit? By spread sheet do you mean/want it in excel or any other format?
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I have already done it in excel by saving .xls.....I am able to store y axis part....but don't know about x-axis,... I don't know about tool-kit...
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Can you post your data/vi or a screen shot to show how you are getting the data?
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I have used real time chart and write to spreadsheet examples to do that....attach vi using realtime chart and write to spreadsheet example able to do that but unable to enter time in excel.....
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Without seeing what you are trying to do all I can say is...


Build a two dimensional array with your X and Y values.


Use the Array to spreadsheet function to save the array to an xls file


you will end up with two columns containing your X and Y values

=== Engineer Ambiguously ===
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If you are using the write to spreadsheet file function then you are not actually writing to an Excel file. What you are writing to is a Tab delimited or Comma Seperated file that Excel can read. In order to write to a "True Excel File" then you have to use the Report Generation Toolkit or you must manually do it through Active X components.


Please post what you have done and we will be able to assist you furthur. It is really just a matter of building your array correctly before you write it to the file.

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vi is attached.........
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Instead of open/array to spreadsheet string-write to text file/close, you can pass array to Write to Spreadsheet File VI (see attached image) with the required delimiter type.


- Troy

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To Troy,

Will it write the timestamp into excel?

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