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reading soundcard line in port



I want to read data from Line In port of my PC's soundcard, but I don't know how?

I have read data from Mic In port of the soundcard by the "Sound Input VIs".Untitled.png

but when I disconnect the input signal from Mic and connect it to Line In, I don't have any data. Is there any other VI for this application?





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I solved the problem, We can choose between Mic and Line In by changing the device ID. But I have another problem, I want to read both Line In and Mic in simoltaneously. I try to read both of channels by following code.


But one of sound inputs configuration makes error and can't open the device. How can I read them simoltaneously?


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Does your operating system allow both devices to be used simultaneously? LabVIEW does not control the sound devices directly but through the OS. If there is only one A/D converter, then it may only be possible to use one input at a time.



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