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reading from excel

Hello All, 
         Iam using the following vi to read the data from the excel sheet. But the problem I have is I have to specify the sarting and ending row and column numbers to extract the data.I want to modify the vi such that it should read the data from first row and first column until it finds an "END" string in each column and each row. 
        In simpler to say every row and column is ended by a string called "END". So data should be extracted from first cell to last cell (END). Can any one please help me in remodifying this vi.
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First, you'll have to change your Read Cell from a 2-D double to a 2-D string.  There is now way you can get the word "End" out of a numeric array.


I would read the entire spreadsheet.  Then Index out the first column and first row.  Search each one for the word End.  Now the index from the first column +1 is the number of rows you want.  The index from the first row +1 is the number of columns.  Use Array subset to get that part of the array using those two indices.

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Could you please convert these library to version 8.0? I need these file, but my version is 8.0 and I can't run them.


Thanks in advance.



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Here they are in 8.0


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