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reading date and time from a spreadsheet

i manage to compile my data into the spreadsheet along with its respetive time and date using the "Get Time/Date String" function


now my task is to read from the spreadsheet and to use the data to plot a grah with the x-axis being the corresponding date and time, im having problem acheiving that, any ideas?

attached is how the spreadsheet would look like after it has been created, dont have the block diagram at the moment:


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First, your file is a tab-delimited text file, not an Excel format file.  You just put the .xls extension on it so that the OS would ask Excel to open it.


Second, What have you tried?


You can read the file as a text file and then use string functions to convert to numeric values to plot.  Or use the Read fromSpreadsheet File VI with the String mode selected.  Convert the resulting string array and plot.



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Have a little patience. You've also not shown or explained what the difficulty is. Are you not able to read the file, format the data, or something else. Post what you have written so far.

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i have no trouble plotting the data actually, my main problem is setting the x-axis of the graph as the date/time which i have written to the first two column of the spreadsheet

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Context click on the x-axis and select absolute or relative time as the format.  This is probbaly also available as a property.



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