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Ravens Fan, you are right. I found in the example code seccion a VI which exactly does this convertion. It's this one  fyi.
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Thanks for the link.  I hadn't seen that one before.  I had never thought that Excel was based on January 0, 1900.  That is an odd concept.  Exactly when is that?


Other things you should know.  Excel date of 60 is February 29, 1900, even though that date didn't exist.

You will need to do a time zone conversion between Excel and LabVIEW.  LabVIEW bases all dates on GMT.  So if you use a date/time, and you are in another timezone, it may not look right to you.


I was recently answering a similar question in another thread and posted some code there.

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Thans for all the info. Everything you tell is quite interesting. I don't know much about Excel and I am a LabView beginner, the more I learn, the better.


I can not tell you too much about this VI, because as I said I picked it from the examples area, I put it in my VI and it works. I also have to say that I was using the subVI just to take the date, so don't have any to do the conversion between Excel and LabVIEW (thanks god!! :-))


I will take a look at the other thread.

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thnks .....

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