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read text file display in tabular format

Can anyone give me an example how to read the text file and display the data in tabular format on front panel. right now i could able to read data from text file using Function called Read from and the data of text file i had displayed in i also need the data to be shown in tabular format..

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This might sound overly simplistic but did you consider using the read from spreadsheet (STRING) polymorphic instance?


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Thanks a lot i just confused and didnt find the table control in front panel.Now i got what i need.

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The attached file is the format of my text file. Using the attached VI I could get the total content of the text file into table.Now i'm trying to get the same into waveform graph but it didnt work can you please tell me how to do this..

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Use the Fract/Exp String To Number function to convert your table data into numbers.  You can then wire the resulting array into your graph.

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my text file data is already in numeric format then do i really need this convrsion function..

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@abhishek.d wrote:

my text file data is already in numeric format then do i really need this convrsion function..

No, your text file contains text  that text might be "1.000" but that is a string of characters.  A number is a different thing entirely and programmong languages know to treat "1.000" differently than the number 1.  so you need to use the conversion function to create numbers out of text consisting of charaters that represent digits.


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You wouldn't need another conversion if you didn't want to display the file contents in a 2D string array. Instead of a table, you could use a 2D numeric array.
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