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Ive a question about serial port. I dont wanna do any communication on the port. I would like to wire directly an instrument (later more), to the serial connector pin #2. On the pin i need to read impulses. Am i able to read only the serial port pin, which is active? I know, i can do this on paralelle port. With port in. VI i give the address of the port, i check the for example D0 pin, and the result i can indicate on a led indicator. I want to do the same on serial port, because later the target pc will not ve parallel port. Is it possible? Can you give any starting instruction?
Thank you for your help!
M. Gabor

Gabor M.
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You can read the high/low state of some of the other lines, such as DTR, RTS, etc. There is an example that ships with LabVIEW. Open the Example Finder (Help -> Find Examples) and look for the example "Troubleshooting Serial Line Monitor" (just search for "serial").


While this may be considered a poor man's digital I/O interface, depending on what you are doing, you may be better off with a "real" digitial I/O interface.

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In addition to what has been posted the nominal voltages for an RS-232 line are +3 to +15 V for logic zero and -3 to -15 V for logic one.  Except for other serial devices almost nothing uses these voltages.


I agree with smercurio_fc that a real digital I/O device may be a better choice.



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Thank you.

I was blind a little...its only test phase of the project, but later yes... on the target we want to interface the device via digital I/O port. Again, thank you for your answers!

Gabor M.
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