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read jpg on cRIO

Hi, I am trying to do a very simple test to read in a jpg file on cRIO, but I am getting an error saying "invalid input path, one or more of your input path character is not recognized by the OS such as @ or ?..."
This simple read JPG file block works fine on my local hard drive, but it just won't work on the cRIO. The path name to the cRIO jpg is C:\comets\paul.jpg, which has no special characters on the path name. Not sure why it wouldn't work on cRIO. I am suspecting that the cRIO can actually receive the image, but can't transfer the image back to my laptop for display. I am currently deploying the VIs(from my laptop) to the cRIO.
Thanks for the help.
David Z
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Hey David,
I assume you are using 9012 or 9014 controller. They have VXWorks as OS which is using UNIX file path syntax. So in your case: /c/comets/paul.jpg
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Actually my cRIO controller is 9004, is this also VXWorks OS?
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Hello David,

The cRIO 9004 controller runs the Pharlab (ETS) OS.  You should be able to reference the file path similar to your first post.  Here is a knowledgebase article on referencing a file path on a Real-Time system.  I am wondering if the simple read JPG file block may not be supported on the Real-Time OS.  Within the LabVIEW Real-Time Help there is a list of unsupported features for an ETS Real-Time OS and Graphics & Sound VIs are on that list.  I also tried to run an example program that used the Read JPEG File.VI and it works correctly on my computer but when I move the JPEG over to the Real Time Target I do not get the same error that you receive but the output of the image data is all 0's.  Can you give me more information of what exactly you are trying to do so that we can try to advise you some way around this issue?  Is it possible that you could transfer the JPEG file to your computer and then execute this portion of the code on your Host computer?  Any extra details about your program will help me determine the best plan of action at this point.
Bob H
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National Instruments
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Hi Christian,


I also have the same problem. I have to generate and store the jpg file in crio. The code works on my local PC. When I deploying the same in crio, it didn't work. It returns zero. Also I tried the paths like c:\test.jpg or /c/test.jpg; both didn't work. We are using Labview 2011 full professional development system.


Thanks for the help.







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