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read from spread sheet


            I want to read some files from a folder. i am creating the path of the folder and append it with the name of my file. This is given as an input to the read from spreadsheet  But while running the code i am getting error 7. The error message shows " File does not exist ". How can i solve the issue??. Can anyone help me on this???

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The error is pretty clear - 'file does not exist'. Have you checked the 'appended path' inside the for loop and checked that those files exist in that location?

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Thanks for you reply sam.. I sort it out. I was not specifying the file type.Now its clear

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"List Folder" function is giving you the filenames (from which you are deciding N of For loop). Then why you are forming the names again in that for loop? You can use the same names I think.

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Few concerns on the code

why flat sequence is required?

As you are getting List File which gives all the existing File you can use the same array of file names to control iteration instead of taking the Array count and Feeding to N

If you are reading from existing file its better not to append file name, use the array of file names that lists

and you are not indexing all the read values as you are using for Loop but the output is not indexed outside which will result in displayiong last file value


Palanivel Thiruvenkadam,
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