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read binary




1- i am reading a binary file using block size of 10k. in the file i can see signal of bandwidth(using FFT(r,theta)) round about 1MHZ in the center. but when i unbundle the fft and plot the fft magnitude it is now showing only 10K points spectrum due to which i see the bandwidth of the same signal at about 100K. what is the right way to get bandwidth values same as before unbundeling as i want to play with values not waveform.


2- using the fft plot i want to extract the signal present in the 10K block(center 1Mhz BW) and want to save it again as binary file . so that i have a binary file only having signal( in the center) present in it.. should i have to take inverse FFT and and then build a waveform to save it as binary?. or i can save it directly. if i can save directly then how i am going to read this file again ?




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Good Afternoon Madd,


After having read through your post a few times, I am still not certain that I understand your question.  For us to better help you, please post some screenshots of the behavior you are seeing and maybe re-phrase your questions.

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