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read NET Dictionary

I am having a problem reading a dictionary NET objects value in labview.  I get a ref returned from the method that executes to list the keys or the values, but I cannot actually read the vlaues of the values or the values of the keys.  The key of the dictionary is a string and value is an object in NET.  When I connect a NET to Labview Variant VI to it, it only gives me a single number out when there are supposed to be an array of strings.  Anybody know this trick?

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It would help if you posted some code.

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Unless you have an object that returns a fully typed dictionary you won't be able to access this in LabVIEW with the .Net Nodes. A .Net Dictionary often is using templates even when subclassed and the LabVIEW .Net interface does not support template object instantiation.


But show us some code including preferable a small section of .Net C# code that accesses your object. Then we can get more specific as to if this is a template class or if there is something else causing you troubles.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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