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re-init to default not possible when app built

I've been using the invoke node method "re-init to default" quite often throughout the entire project. Now that I have run it through the application builder, it seems, that this feature is not available when "not in edit mode" (error 431).
I would dearly like to use is. Any thoughts, please ?
7.1 -- 2013
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I would offer the suggestion that using this method may be a bad practice. Relying on the default values is really not a good idea, because those values are otherwise untraceable, and the results can be confusing at best.

Defining a value on the diagram, either as a constant, or as an input to the subVI, is probably the best method I can suggest as an alternative to your desribed method.

I tried looking in the reference property nodes, and could not find a setting for default value. I suppose that this is because NI forsaw the issues that could arise from this. The best thing to do is to declare your defaults explicitly. You never know what can happen otherwise.

Good luck.

Also, please let us know how you solve this issue.
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unlike the "set current to default" I used the "re-init to default" in the run of the program. Mainly to have a solidly working single action push button. When the mechanical action is set to pulsing, I had sometimes problems in loops, maybe due to a double click or what ever. So I prefer to reset the switch as one action of the "true" case.
This can of course be achieved by using a property node and a "write to value".
Other instances were a clean up at leaving or a clean up at entry (like for errors so you are not tripped by an old false display while tracing).
All this can be be done by an explicit setting with a constant.
It's just a pity, that I find out now and have to go through all places.
BTW: I found that a boolean switch with a
puls action (default for OK or reset) has no property to to use. At first this was amazing as well.
7.1 -- 2013
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