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raw format to output command to NI 9264

I need to determine if there is a way to command output to the ni6009 D/A channels in RAW binary format rather than decimal.


I have done this for input from the module, see jpg.  The Labview DAQmx read has a RAW option which works for input.  It also seems to have the same for the DAQmx write seems to have the same, but I've not gotten it to function as of yet.


Any help would be appreciated, ultimately this will be used to control output from NI-9264 16bit modules.

1) Understanding how to best get the most fine control of NI9264 modules.

2) Understanding how to command this fine control using labview 2012 and DAQmx.




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It is noted in the DAQmx documentation, that when sending (receiving?) "RAW" fmt one must get it all as a long number and then parse it manually to get the channels.


That should make things more interesting.


I'd been running single channel.


Is there perhaps a way to send decimal "voltage" requests is such a manner that one can step between the resolution notches and so accomplish the same thing as RAW?

e.g. for a +/- 10V range and 14 bits accuracy, one might give commands using increments of 20 / (2^14) volts?


min V -10  
max V 10  
Range 20  
Bits resolution 14  
Bits decimal count 16383  
Single Bit Increment 0.001220778  
desired bit voltage increment voltage request
0 0 -10
1 0.001220778 -9.998779222
2 0.002441555 -9.997558445
3 0.003662333 -9.996337667
8191.5 10 0
16381 19.99755844 9.997558445
16382 19.99877922 9.998779222
16383 20 10
16384 20.00122078 10.00122078
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