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i have questions regarding my 2 VIS(attached below)
i my first VI, i am generating a ramp and appending it with sine generator. the ramp i am generating is for 1 second this duration correct?
in the begining i am appending a ramp to a sine signal and that  i am already achieving .now when the sine signal finishes, i also would like to append a ramp(that will bring the sine signal to zero value). this i am trying to achieve in my second VI. but here it is not working properly. what wrong is going on here? moreover is there any function available that will invert the ramp signal. i was thinking just to invert the ramp and append it with already appended signal (output of the ramp and sine).but then question comes, what is the end of sine signal. the end of sine signal could be zero,and it could be any positive or minus value. i think the end of the sine signal will be the start point of this(inverted ramp) that will bring sine to zero value.can any body please answer my question and tell how can i solve my problem?
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I hope I got it right, what you are trying to do. Your goal is to ramp up to the starting point of a sine signal and at the end of the sine signal ramp down to zero.

1. The duration of the Ramp is determined by the time between samples (dt) and the number of samples. So dt=0,001 and 1000 samples gives a duration of 1 second.

2. The ramp functions are defined by start, end and number of samples. For the first ramp, start would be zero (or other), end would be the first value of the sine signal, wich can be indexed with time zero. For the second ramp start would be the last value of the sine signal , which can be indexed with the duration of waveform of the sine signal. End would be zero. In both cases the number of samples is 1000 (with dt= 0,001)

The changes are shown in the appended VI.

Best regards
D. Ackermann
Applications Engineer
National Instruments Germany
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Hello Ackermann,

It is working and i understand it. many thanks for the help.

with kind Regards


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