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"unspecified hardware failure" on a PXIe-7966R FPGA, how to tell if a card is bad, what are my next steps?



I have a PXIe-7966R that shows up in NI-MAX and I add it to a project. However, when I try to run code on it I get the following


"Error -63150 occurred at; An unspecified hardware failure has occurred. The operation could not be completed."





I am trying to run a very simple code on the device (see attached) just to make sure the card works. However, it is not. What would my next step be here? Should I try to update the firmware? Is it just "bad"? 


Also, I have a PXI-7951 in the same system and I can run the code just fine so I don't think its a code issue but rather a hardware issue. 










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