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"step has been performed out of order"

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"step has been performed out of order"

Hello all,

                I'm attempting to adjust the capacitance of a PXI-4072 in labview. Our lab currently only has access to LabVIEW 2013 but I don't believe that would be causing this issue. In the calibration procedure it states that it is necessary to adjust the DC voltage and resistance before running the capacitance adjustment, which with my 2 weeks of experience in labview have managed to successfully perform. I followed step by step and verified that the adjustment was successful.


After this I proceed to the LC adjustment, I'm able to perform the LC Open, LC Short, LC 25 ohm and LC 1K ohm adjustments. but once I try to proceed to the 5K ohm adjustment I get an error telling me the calibration step has been performed out of order. So, I'm aware that if an adjustment is performed out of sequence, the coefficients will not be written to the EEPROM, but, to find the correct order I have been making changes to the order in which the adjustments take place and have had some luck, but I have to go through the entire DC and resistance adjustment to get there just to error, change, and have to run the whole thing again. Is there any way for me to perform just the LC adjustment alone to resolve the order issue, then apply that to the entire adjustment so I can run it properly? A sort of sequence break I guess.


I'm posting this from a government computer, the chassis containing labview does not have access to the internet so I can't really post a screenshot of the program I have built, I'm sure it would be an embarrassing mess to the rest of you anyways, but any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Error: -1074118134 occurred at niDMM cal adjust


Possible Reason(s)

The calibration step has been performed out of order. Please, refer to external calibration procedure for the correct calibration sequence.


niDMM Cal Adjust > niDMM Cal Adjust open) > niDMM Cal Adjust short) > niDMM Cal Adjust 25 ohm) > niDMM Cal Adjust 1k ohm) > niDMM Cal Adjust 5k ohm)

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Re: "step has been performed out of order"

So through trial and error I've gotten a little further but have now encountered another error.


Error: -1074118131

Possible Reason(s)

The Generated LC Coefficients are invalid. Please verify your connections and/or adjustment order.


This is now happening on all of the PXI-4072 units we calibrate. This happens after the L&C 100K adjustment before saving and closing the external calibration.

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Re: "step has been performed out of order"

Which VI is that error occurring on?

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Accepted by topic author ShadyJN
04-18-2018 06:38 AM

Re: "step has been performed out of order"

It was occurring at niDMM Cal Adjust with the stage on L&C 100Kohm. I actually was able to successfully perform the adjustment though yesterday evening using our PXI-1050 chassis, this error was occurring while the PXI-4072 was installed in our PXIe-1062q chassis. I'm not sure if this is caused by some sort of incompatibility between the 1062q chassis and 4072 card, the calibration runs as expected but the adjustment doesn't seem to properly function, and this was across multiple 4072 cards as well.

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