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"Internal Software Error occurred in MIG software. Please contact National Instruments Support." Recurring Error

I encountered the issue exactly same as mikewitt described.

NI-9205 in cDAQ 9191, NI-DAQmx drivers in 18.0 ver., and LabView 2018 (32-bit) on a Windows 10 64-bit are used.

Identically, by resetting the configuration data in NI-MAX database, the issue was temporarily solved and happened after every time the PC restarted.

Identically, VI works normally if it runs without projects.


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You may try the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the following article. I don't think the first few troubleshooting steps have been mentioned in this thread yet.

If those don't help, since this is such an old thread, you may consider starting a new forum thread to generate more traffic and activity around your post. If you do that, make sure to reference this thread, include the error code you're receiving, as well as the hardware you are using.

Ryan B.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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