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"Installation error" NI imaq usb

Hi All

I have been reading previews messages but I could no find an answer.

I have Labview 8.5 and Vision 8.0 Acquisition software.

I have uninstalled previous versions of labview and vision, before installing new versions.

Every time I try to install NI-IMAQ for USB cameras I get " installation error" "you must have Vision 7.1 or higher......"

I use windows XP professional in Spanish.

I have seen many posts concerning the language issue but I suppose their problems were after  installation.

Do I need Vision development module or should it work also with Vision Acquisition software.

Thanks for your help


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I don´t have certain. But i already use the Ni imaq usb, and i think that you need to have installed in our computer the Vision development module .

Hope to help


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