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queueing the IMAQ image data type

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I didn't use this exact configuration (I didn't want to be saving to AVI the whole time while streaming, only when requested by the user), the dataflow to dumping the queue/image space is forced in my solution. The problem was that IMAQ images are written on water - you have to guard those memory locations fiercely!
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Of course.


This is only draft how to do this kind of things.


When you want program something in LabVIEW [and in all other language] you need templates which will show you and explain how this something to do. For example: Producer/Consumer template, when you need more images you must allocate each image and etc.

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ur wrong

it happens after you get out of the while loop

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Who is "ur"?


I assume you actually meant to type "your", but don't know who you are saying is wrong.


This is a 4 year old thread you are replying to.

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