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quadrature array indexing problem

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Hi everyone. I'm working ona program to read the angle input of a quadrature encoder. I get the readings just fine but I'm trying to export the data into an array for excel as well as get the minimum and maximum angle read by the encoder. My program seems to just overwrite the initial array value instead of indexing. the file saved is always just one value - the last value read by the program. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





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Give this a go.

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is there any way you could save this for labview 2009 or just a screen shot of the block diagram? I can't open 2011 files... Thanks!

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I would encourage you to check out this forum for getting your VI's downconverted.


Downconvert VI Requests


These request don't usually take more than a day or two.  But with that said, here is the VI you asked for 🙂

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Thank you Ben-N for the conversion. I wasn't aware of the downconversion forum and will be sure to post any more requests of that nature in there.


 .:aCe:. , your solution worked perfectly! thank you for the help!

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