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pxi switching boards causes pc can´t boot

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I have pxi-1044 with some pxi boards (pxi-4065 / 6509 / 2529 / 8431 / 8432 / 2576 (3 borads) )

and the pxi-8310 controller.


When the system was configured for the first time, it works ok.

but 2 of the borads (pxi-8432 / pxi-2576 ) must interchange of slot  (because of space problems with theirs conectors)

when the system powered, both led (power on pxi chassis) and (controller led) set, but windows xp can not boot,

controler led switch of, and computer reboot. again and again.


I remove all boards and check that all are recognized through MAX except the two boards switching.


I change pxi-8232 to another slot (never used) and the system look to work ok,

this board is recognized.


What is the right procedure to interchange some boards when MAX has a previos configuration?

I would like to use the slots which i have problems with, is it possible?





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I have just post this question to PXI tag,

I don´t know how to erase this post....

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Insteading of deleting from here or trying to delete, we can always cross-connect threads. Smiley Wink


Continued here. Smiley Happy

- Partha ( CLD until Oct 2024 🙂 )
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