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I have made a labview project and want to put this online without using client-server or Web UI Builder (since it does not all the function I need for the project) is there a way to do this? and if how do I do this?

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Please explain what you mean by "put online".


  • available for download?
  • remotely viewable front panel?
  • Remotely controllable running program?
  • etc.


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By online I mean like a website were mutiple users van use the project without affecting each other

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Define "use".

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What does "Engineering Redefined" mean??
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Running the program or application without downloading it

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Can I also ask which functionalities you need that client-server or Web UI Builder cannot provide?


Sorry for all the questions, but the more information we have, the more likely that any advice given will be useful to you!


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The program uses eventstructures, menu,  a table That will change color and it uses the tool box to export data to an excel sheet.

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I wouldn't recommend this at all.  I would make some kind of distribution (an exe would probably be best) and have everyone that needs it run it on their own machine.

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Another alternative would be to set up a virtual machine and use a clientless remote desktop gateway to access it through a browser. I think Apache Guacamole can be configured to to view only a single application instead of the remote desktop, and you could compile your programme as an .exe so that the virtual machine does not require LabVIEW.



I'm not sure if this approach would be suitable for multiple simultaneous users though.

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I have just discovered a program called Cameyo that might be suitable. You could run your .exe from a browser, and I believe it is free.


Let me know if this helps!

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