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programatically find out error location vi

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Dear all, I am sure there must be simple answer for this.


I am doing Error Handling. Therefore, I have implemented a self written Error


I am making an application having different  software layers (GUI, Data Handler, IO Handler etc). Now, whenever there is an error in any of the VIs across these layers, the above mentioned error handler code gets executed.  


I want to find out the location of this error handler VI in the hierarchy. I need to trace the path. How can I do it?


Hope I am clear.



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Accepted by topic author Sreedhar_T

There is a VI in the Programming>Application Control pallete called "Call Chain" - this VI will return an array of VI names representing the hierarchy that of VIs at the particular instance e.g. If calls, that calls the array will have three elements:





Is this the kind of thing you are looking for? 



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Thank you... I think it will help me.
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