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program datasocket in c#

I am trying to read data from ni datasocket. I want to write in, or in C++. I have a LabView installed on the computer.

Do you any sample code showing how to connect to the datasocket and reads data from datasocket in c# or c++?



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Hi Harry,

              For a reference you can go through my own thread

              Recently through socket programming I can successfully sent data from labview to C# and from C# to labview.The above included thread helped me a lot.

Thanks as kudos only:)
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I am also wandering how to read data from NI datasocket in C#. Do you found any reference / Code snippet? It would be really helpful, if you give me some hints.


Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Shree,

I found this example for you which does have some age on it but it may still be helpful.  Were you able to look through the code snippets the user above posted in his thread? 

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