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problem with synchronization

Does anyone know the scheme of a system that:

Checks if a new number (let's call it "x") appeared at an indicator and if so:
    Checks if the current value of the amplitude ("A") of the sine wave generated by NI 9263 and captured to LabView by NI 9205 is greater than 0.9*MAX_AMPLITUDE (this value is known) and if so:
        Multiplies x by A and puts the result in an array and until a new number appears on an indicator, multiplies each following value of the amplitde by x (but doesn't put the result in an array! -->> array size = number of     

    new numbers on an indicator).
        For example: 3, 4, 5, 5, 5 on a indicator means 5 "new numbers" not 3.
    if not then:
        it waits for A>0,9*MAX_AMPLITUDE then it does the above and until that happens it does the above for a previous number (multiplies sin by it but doesn't put the result in a array)

I'm sorry for my english as I don't know it very well...thank you for help!

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Hi Siema!


I would like you to clarify your request a bit, as I'm a little fuzzy on the details.


1. I understand you want to constantly measure a sine wave, and multiply it with a value that you have on the front panel. Do you always want to do this multiplication, or only if the threshold is exceeded? (Your threshold is 0,9*MAX_AMPLITUDE)


2. Do you want to check the threshold for the original sine, or the multiplied sine?


3. I'm also not clear on the indicator value change detection that you want. If you change the control value, do you want to check your threshold at that exact time and only write new data if it exceeds 0,9*MAX_AMPLITUDE (which means that you won't always have new data in the array), or do you want the change to wait for the next time the threshold is met, and then write data (which means that for every value change, exactly one item is generated in the array).


4. Could you please tell me a little more about your application in general? I think if we can see what you want to accomplish, we can help you better, or perhaps find an easier solution.


Kind regards:


Andrew Valko


Andrew Valko
National Instruments Hungary
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