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problem with serial read and write-unable to refresh the port number

I use the advanced serail write and read example. Build the application, copy the application to another laptop with labview run time engine 2009 installed. And I connect my serial device via a serial to usb adaptor. The problem is that VISA source number is always com1, even I refresh it. But in my case the device via adpator should be com5. I can get the hyperterminal working using com5. Something must be wrong. The strange thing is that there are three laptops, I did the same processdure with each one, one of them are working, the other two won't. Anybody came cross same problems before? Many thanks.
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I think you didn't have installed the Visa Run time engine on this computer.

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many thanks!

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HI, Please mark the thread solved if it's the case ! Best regards,
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