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problem with receiving read from several Eurotherm 3216



I have seven Eurotherm 3216 PID controllers, connected them as the Eurotherm engineer guide shows. I have set each of them in a Baud Rate of 9600, gave them address ID in a series of 1 to 7. I am using MOXA 1150 as a USB converter for RS232/485, and it was also set with a baud rate of 9600 in the device manager.


(It work in any Flow control both in Itools or LabView when I give commands)


It works only when I set RS-232 in the device manager. However, in the PIDS, it is set to R485.

and again, it works great together via Itools or giving commands in LabView.

When I try to set this option to RS-485 2W or 4W, they no longer work.


A proof that ITools communicate with the PIDS.





The Pid controllers work flawlessly with Itools, without issues.

When I try to run it via LabView (I am using 32xx Eurotherm driver), I can only provide commands, such as set temperature to 30 C, 10 C, etc.

However, when I try to receive the current temperature (Address 1 or 32770), I am receiving an error.

Moreover, It happens to any ''read'' commands.

What should I do?

I tried to locate the error with a simple VI script of connection and read the temperature.

I used the Highlight method to track the first error point.

The LabView error panel telling me that there is an error with Utility MODBUS RTU receive message.

What should I do?




Thank for any help!

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I have a problem with this device about Open

I cannot detect what I am doing wrong in this file. Please, any suggestions?




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Hi mar,


@marhgct wrote:

Please, any suggestions?

As can be read in this error message: file not found!


(Hint: "Not a path" is not a valid file path...)


Btw we cannot debug images!

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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I solved the problem. It was in another file.


Thanks for everything anyway.

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How do you solve it please? 

I have same problem.


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Hi, could you provide us schematic of wiring how did you connect 7 eurotherms via rs232 with moxa 1150? Is it possible to connect multiple eurotherms through one usb port.

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I had to go through as solve this as well, the driver as provided references


C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2017\instr.lib\Eurotherm 32xx Series\Private\3200 Data.xls


This needs to be copied to


C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2017\instr.lib\Eurotherm 32xx Series\


et voila - the driver works.

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