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problem with lab viwe

Dear all

i hope my mail finds you well.

i m new here 

i m facing a problem with LabVIEW program 


we used for constant speed test in Brake manufacturing company.

but we did get any reading on the screen somebody helps me how i can fix this.


we send the NI card to fix the problem and they fixed it but still the same and now they said we changed some I C in the card so we need to change the connection wire from the card clip going out.

  i hope somebody do this for me.

if anybody needs more info regarding this please ask me .


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This seems more like a hardware/driver/configuration problem than a LabVIEW problem.


In any case, there is not sufficient information to even attempt to troubleshoot.

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yes you are right 

when we install the card the on the card is continuously blinking.

when o told to the machine manufacturer, he said need to change some.

i try to upload the picture but i couldn't.

if you can send me 

Email address so i can send you the picture where you can see the actual problem  

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You can attach png and jpg files to your forum message.  Look right below the edit box.


But you still need to provide more details.  Like what is the model number of the NI card?  What is this card trying to measure?


If you sent this card to NI for repair, you must have some service request number associated with it.  Read that paperwork and find out how to report back to them on that you still have a problem after the repair.

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