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problem with LabView 8.6 web service (RESTFUL)


 I have some problem with understanding of LV8.6 Web Service RESTful!

Here my question:

 I read many themes about web service: and other but this examle don't work! The data what get from VI don't show in the web interface! Why?

How data go from LabVIEW to this programm created on Adobe Flex?


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Hello Max,


When you open up the example you must expand the Build Specifications section in the Project Explorer and:

 1. Right Click the We Services and select Build

2. Then right click each of them again and select Deploy.


Then you can view the data in the webpages.


Let me know if you have tried this already or if you have other questions.




Anna K.

National Instruments
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I'm sorry! I didn't explain!After launch the project I did this:    
1.Right click the Build Specification entitled ‘Fcn Gen’ and select ‘Build’
2. Right click the Build Specification entitled ‘Fcn Gen’ and select ‘Deploy’
After this I launch link ‘Demo 2a – XML Data’ and it didntt paint the graph
   That's what i'll want to ask!Please help me!

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Hello Maximillon,


As mentioned in the tutorial, you have the option to display graphics, such as the example shows in Demo 2b - Web Based FcnGen UI which is a thin-client application developed using Adobe Flex. Another option is to display the data in XML format as in Demo 2a - XML Data that you are referring to. Below you can see the difference between the two.




Anna K.

National Instruments
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yes! I read this!
Adobe Flex is install on my PC!
I read all this article and readme in this example!
I do all what advice this articles  but it still didn't working!
Please take me more deep answer
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Hello Max,


Could you attach a screenshot of the webpage? Wjhat browser do you use?




Anna K.

National Instruments
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I use firefox/IE/chrome
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I alwawys use Firefox/Afteer your question che this in Opera and Safari.

Like  said higher - nothing.

Please tell me maybe there some error or I'll do some thing wrong, but execute all on instructon.

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Can you try it in Internet Explorer? Also, do you get "page cannot be displayed" or do you see the graph but no data?




Anna K.

National Instruments
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<p>Sorry, so long time answer!here <img src="http://localhost/sdasfasfd.jpg" border="0" /></p><p>I have some problem with download of screen </p>
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