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problem when printing !!


Hello all

I control a measuring instrument: Rhode & Schwarz ZVRNow I want to communicate with an HP  LazerJet 1300. I do the programme in attachment please correct to me !!

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All the SubVIs are missing from your post - we can't tell what you're doing.


I handle printing by making a separate VI, and composing the page the way the paper should look (black/white, large size, large fonts, etc.).


Then I call that VI in response to a PRINT button. The VI fills in the indicators and calls a PRINT IMAGE method of the VI itself (via INVOKE NODE).


You can set a property of a vi to automatically print after execution, if that suits you.

Steve Bird
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duplicate post


Please do not create duplicate posts asking the same question. Have a little patience. Creating duplicate posts irritates those who are trying to help.

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