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problem measuring temperature using NI SWitch module SCXI 1130 and NI DMM 4070

I have to measure thermocouple temperature using SCXI 1130 and NI DMM 4070. I am using the VI called   NI Switch read thermocople  and NI Switch synchronous (these VIs are found in the Example Finder). I have given the device inputs in the VI correctly. I have 3 thermocople channels conncetd. So for scan inpuit it is ch0;3->com0. Measurement destination, i have given none and I want to use Software trigger, so for trigger input, i have given as Software trigger. When i run the program, i get the error as 'Maximum time exceeded'. Its a time out error happening at NI DMM Fetch.Vi
What should I change in the VI to run the program correctly. or is there is any extra work to be done in the VI, if software trigger is used.
Thank you, Hema.
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Hi Hema,

With your examples that you are using, have you tried using them without the software trigger? That way you can ensure the system scans correctly and you will know whether its the trigger causing the timeout error.

Also, I noticed you wanted to make three measurements and were scanning ch0:3->com0.  You probably need to only scan ch0:2 because of zero indexing (0,1,2 = 3 channels)

Good luck with your application.

Alex A.
Applications Engineer
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