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problem in running .wave music file

hello Everyone,

I'm New to the LabVIEW and I just started my New Job. I'm working on the LabVIEW Project in which the Vi should play the .wav music file to NI DAQ card card which is of 10hrs and display the Time, the music starts playing but don't know what happen when I come and see my pc the Time display will be Randomly changing value. please any one of u can lead me to know better solution 

Thanks in advance


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Please clean your code. I am to lazy to spend hours debugging something that looks like spaghetti without sauce.


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thank you for looking in to my Question, in the code  its like first I'm extracting the .wav file and its num of samples after that I'm multiplying its amplitude by 3 and  enqueing it and dequeing it through 5 different channels(in simple way getting music from 5 outputs) through 

NI PCI Based Card PCI-6221 Part Number-779066-01. 

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