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printer surveillance

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printer surveillance , how could i print then observe what is happening during printing process , like what percentage has been convered , Estimated printer time , percentage of colors , etc ...


Thanks in advance  

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First you will need to be using a printer who's driver actually provides that information. If that is available, then you may be able to read those values from a API call to the operating system. There isn't anything in LabVIEW that does that directly and if the printer's driver doesn't provide the information to the OS then there isn't any way that I can think of to do it.


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Some printers have built-in web servers that provide this information. If yours is one that does then you can get this information that way. You could use http or I think DataSocket should work just as well.
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okay , i have another question , i now know how to upload an image to the Labview and allign it , i need to know how to have a print out of that picture through labview , i mean can i send a printing command to printer through the software ( labview ) , and will it respond to that ?
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What do you mean by "upload and image" and "align it"?


As far as "sending a file" to the printer, please do a search, as this question has been asked many times. You could, for instance, load the image into a picture control and then simply print the front panel. 

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Here is an example that uses the .NET framework in LabVIEW to read and manipulate the print jobs. You may be able to use a similar interface to do what you want.


Programmatically Purge All Print Jobs on Local Printers



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